Intellectual Property

Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling major and significant cases in main domestic IP trial courts such as Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, Beijing Intellectual Property Court, Shenzhen Intermediate People’ s Court and the Supreme People’ s Court and have produced satisfactory results for clients. We are particularly familiar with the common litigation techniques used in intellectual property cases, such as preservation of evidence, prelitigation injunction and advance judgment. It is common for us to adopt a combination of civil, administrative and criminal procedures so as to use all means available under the law to safeguard the rights and interests of our clients.Glinks is qualified as a trademark and patent agent. We have lawyers qualified to practice law who also have patent bars. Our lawyers provide clients with a full spectrum of legal services covering trademarks, patents, copyrights, computer software, integrated circuits, and including strategy design, registration application and infringement litigations.

Our Services:

● Patents: patent applications (including international applications); objections to patent applications; patent invalidation proceedings; administrative litigation for patent invalidation; administrative complaints for patents; applications for administrative adjudication on patents; litigation for patent infringement or confirmation of non-infringement; litigation for confirmation of patent rights; disputes over patent licensing contracts; FRAND litigation; litigation for on-duty inventions; services for patent and non-patent technology transfer projects.

● IC: providing legal services for the registration of layout designs of integrated circuits.

● Trademark: design of trademark registration strategy; trademark registration; review of rejected trademark or objection; cancellation or invalidation of a registered trademark; trademark coexistence negotiation; trademark administrative litigation; trademark infringement or confirmation of non-infringement litigation; complaints of trademark infringement; recognition of well-known trademarks; trademark licensing contract disputes.

● Copyright: registration of copyrights of general works; registration of computer software copyrights; all kinds of copyright infringement litigation for books, films, music, pictures, games, television programs, software, industrial procedures and live images; historical copyright sorting services for all kinds of publishing or film organizations; providing legal services for copyright licensing, transfer, adaptations and other copyright transactions.

● Competition Law: infringement of trade secrets disputes; combating free-riding; false advertising disputes; commercial defamation disputes; unfair competition in breach of general business ethics; antitrust litigation; antitrust compliance for distribution agreements; unfair competition and antitrust litigation involving internet.