Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Glinks pharmaceutical and healthcare team has extensive experience in providing industrial legal services for more than 1 decade. Our clients include a number of multinational companies and leading domestic listed companies in this industry, engaging in the business of development and manufacturing of chemical or bio pharmaceutical products, clinic trials, animal experiments, retail chain, traditional Chinese medicine, medical device, hospitals, and healthcare related services. Our lawyers are quite familiar with market entrance requirements, two-invoice system, volume-based procurement, implementation of medical insurance standards, transfer of market license, labor management of sales team, antitrust review of distribution system, special regulations on Chinese traditional medicine, cross-border transfer of biological data, and such other specialized knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry. Based on these knowledge and on the advantage of coordination between Glink’s IP team, capital market team and dispute resolution team, we provide one-stop legal services to our clients in this area.

Our services:

● Providing legal services for fund investment and M&A projects involving the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

● Providing legal services for license-in and license-out projects.

● Providing compliance investigation and compliance consultancy services for pharmaceutical companies in the areas of anti-corruption, antitrust, advertisement, pricing, and import and export.

● Providing legal services for public safety events, and product recall events.

● Providing legal services for pharmaceutical companies related to IP such as trademark, patent and software of large medical device.

● Providing legal services for data compliance in relation to experiment data and biological data of pharmaceutical companies.

● Providing legal services for establishment and operation of Internet hospital.

● Providing legal consultancy regarding regulatory policies of Chinese traditional medicine.

● Representing clients in medical accident disputes.

● Representing clients in litigations and arbitrations of large or cross-border disputes arising from those licensing projects in the pharmaceutical industry.