Culture & Media

Glinks culture and media team provides a full range of legal services to clients in the creativity industries, including music, film, television, game, digital media, curation and etc. Our lawyers understand that creativity is the soul and core of the entertainment and media industry, and have a deep understanding of the industry’ s special legal needs and business logic. Our lawyers also focus on providing foreign-related legal services and comprehensive cross-border business solutions for clients in the creative field. Benefited from our close ties with international institutions of film and television, special effects, animation and game companies, government agencies and industry associations, we provide expertised legal and business advice for Chinese clients on film and music production, distribution, licensing and transfer, and talent agency projects involving overseas markets such as North America, Europe, Japan and Korea. We also provide business solutions and legal documents that meet Chinese regulatory requirements for overseas artists and entities carrying out cultural and creative businesses in China.

Our services:

● Film and television: we represent film and television production companies, distribution companies, streaming media, talent agencies, animation and special effects companies and publishers, providing legal services in areas including film and television financing, adaptation, content development and production, streaming and traditional distribution, and talent engagement.

● Music: our practice covers all commercial processes involved in the music industry, from talent agency, music production and distribution, music copyright management, live performances, brand sponsorship, to copyright licensing under digital streaming services.

● Digital Interactive: digital content and interactive entertainment blends technology, content creation and visual arts. Our lawyers handle the legal services needed for this area such as data privacy, copyright licensing and transfer, technology protection, regulatory advice, as well as providing multi-dimensional legal services to content creators in gaming companies, installation art companies, social networks and digital platforms.

● Branding and Advertising: we provide legal services to leading international brands and advertisement companies in brand promotion activities (including new media, film and television, live show, live streaming, social media, etc.) to comply with the regulatory requirements by competent authorities. These activities include copyright protection of advertising creative, review of advertising content and celebrity endorsements.