Chemical industry is one of the nation’s basic industries. With the economic development and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the market has more demanding and more specific requirements in terms of the quality, variety and functions of chemical products. Driven by the demand, chemical products will develop in the directions of high-end, differentiation and customization. Product innovation will become one of the key factors to win the market in the chemical industry.

Our clients in the chemical industry include foreign companies such as Huntsman, Air Products and Axalta, as well as domestic companies such as Baolijia.

Our services:

● Providing legal services for mergers & acquisitions and establishment of joint ventures in the chemical industry.

● Drafting and negotiating contracts of toll manufacturing of chemical products.

● Compliance investigations and advice in relation to trade secret protection and anti-corruption, etc.

● Providing anti-trust assessment and advise for chemical companies on their industrial conferences and cooperation as well as distributor management and related agreements.

● Representing clients in product sale and purchase disputes, product liability disputes and cases arising from daily operations.