FDI and M&A

Glinks investment and M&A team has been providing services for foreign direct investment by overseas companies and outbound investment by Chinese companies. They have extensive experience in representing well-known institutions. They are also particularly familiar with the business models and regulatory rules of industries such as pharmaceuticals, finance, Internet, semiconductors and retai.

As legal services in this field become increasingly homogeneous, Glinks lawyers are capable of securing the clients’ ultimate transaction goals with innovative transaction structures, nearly two decades of hands-on experience across the country, and the seamless cooperation with overseas lawyers. Meanwhile, close cooperation within Glinks, such as the intellectual property team, the labor team, the tax planning team and the dispute resolution team, enables Glinks to handle major M&A projects involving difficult issues in particular areas, as well as group restructuring and integration in multiple jurisdictions.

Our Services:

● Providing legal services for equity investment/exit transactions.

● Providing legal services for merger, spin-off, and industrial M&A.

● Providing legal services for foreign direct investment.

● Providing legal services for outbound investment.

● Providing legal services for acquisitions of listed companies, acquisitions by listed companies and privatizations of listed companies.

● The design and structuring of employee incentive schemes.

● Concentration of undertakings (antitrust) declarations.