Data Compliance & Personal Information Protection

With the successive release of laws and regulations such as Network Security Law, Data Security Law, Personal Information Protection Law, Security Evaluation Measures for Cross-border Data Transfer and Security Protection Regulations for Critical Information Infrastructure as well as the implementation rules for data security in various industries, China has established a complete framework for data compliance system.

We have lawyers who work as the standing committee members of the Network and High-Tech Committee of the National Bar Association, having accumulated rich experience in handling various kinds of data compliance matters and are particularly familiar with data security matters in industries of financial institutions, health care, internet and cloud computing, and the handling of cross-border data transfer security evaluation and scenarios reporting projects. We have been supporting multiple Chinese groups and multinational companies to establish data compliance systems in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment, and representing clients in civil cases relating to data security and block chain.

Our Services:

● Data security: establishment of internal data compliance system; data localization and cross-border data transfer; security management of HR information; formulation of website privacy policy; handling of data leakage security incident; establishment of face recognition technology management system; data compliance assessment and review service.

● Network security: establishment of network security compliance system; testing and filing of network security level protection; establishment of network real name system; network security incident emergency handling; establishment of emergency plan.

● Critical Information Infrastructure (CII): CII identification; CII security protection system design; management of CII system equipment procurement and construction; CII network security review.

● Providing legal services for data trading projects and data center projects.

● Providing legal solutions for cloud computing, internet of vehicles, internet map and artificial intelligence.

● Providing legal services for law enforcement cases relating to data security, face recognition, blockchain and digital currency.

● Representing in civil cases relating to data security, face recognition, blockchain and digital currency.