Commercial Dispute Resolution

Glinks litigators have the extensive practical experience and coordination skills in domestic litigation as well as domestic and international commercial arbitration. A number of lawyers have the working experience in PRC courts, procuratorates, public security bureaus, arbitration commissions, notary public offices, government departments and corporate legal departments. We are able to help our clients achieving interest maximization in dispute resolution, resolving disputes in a timely and efficient manner, and to grasp business opportunities proactively.

We have particular strengths in corporate law litigation and securities litigation, and are capable of handling complicated corporate and securities disputes.

Our Services:

● Corporate and securities related disputes.                                                                       ● Mergers and acquisitions disputes.

● Fund investment and exit disputes.                                                                                  ● Bankruptcy and restructuring disputes.

● Bank loan and financial assets management disputes.                                                    ● Real estate and construction disputes.

● Maritime disputes.                                                                                                             ● Intellectual property and competition law disputes.

● Environmental litigations.                                                                                                  ● Commercial contract disputes.

● International trade disputes.                                                                                              ● Antitrust and anti-dumping investigations.

● Bills and notes disputes.                                                                                                    ● Product liability litigations.

● Administrative litigations and administrative review procedures.                                       ● International commercial arbitration and cross-border dispute resolution.