Family Law

Glinks family law team is particularly adept at handling difficult cases involving the equity division of listed companies and cross-border asset separation disputes in multiple jurisdictions. Our lawyers not only handle the family cases of high-net-worth individuals of over RMB100 million and actual controllers of companies listed on the United States’ stock markets, but also provide premarital property planning for family members of listed companies worthy of hundreds of billions.

A number of our lawyers have studied the trust systems of mainstream overseas countries such as the United States, Singapore and Canada for a long time, and have advised domestic individuals for the establishment of domestic and overseas family trusts.

We have an experienced and effective tax team to assist our high-net-worth clients with their tax planning needs, either in family cases or establishment of family trusts, or in the daily operation of their businesses.

Our Services:

● Premarital and marital property due diligence, sorting and planning, drafting and negotiation of prenup agreements.

● Planning and establishment of domestic and overseas family trusts.

● Planning and representation of difficult and complex matrimonial, inheritance and related commercial litigations (equity litigations, litigations over control of listed companies, real estate litigations, financial products litigations, etc.).

● Providing a full range of legal services to family offices.

● Planning for testamentary arrangements, guardianship by freewill, and family emergencies.

● Tax planning for high-net-worth individuals, tax dispute resolution.