Criminal Compliance

Glinks’ criminal practice team has extensive experience in white-collar worker crime, intellectual property crime and financial crime, and members of the team have handled a large number of influential financial crime cases with the involving amount over hundreds of millions of yuan in China. We are not only familiar with the Chinese criminal justice system, but also particularly familiar with the business models of different industries such as pharmaceuticals, retail, chemicals, internet and finance, and are able to provide hard-hitting criminal defense strategies. We not only provide criminal defense on behalf of criminal suspects, we also provide criminal evidence collection and assistance with criminal charges on behalf of corporate victims.

China is in the process of establishing the compliance-based non-prosecution system, which makes the establishment and implementation of a criminal compliance system by a company a condition for exemption from criminal liability in the event of a crime. Glinks’ lawyers help our clients to establish a full range of criminal compliance systems from all perspectives, including financial, operational and personnel, and regularly assist clients in verifying the implementation of their compliance systems.

Services Scope

  • Criminal defense.
  • Criminal charges, such as reporting criminal cases involving intellectual property and duty encroachment.
  • Representation services for the civil part of the criminal incidental civil litigation and application for enforcement of the civil part.
  • Providing criminal justice training to corporate compliance investigation team
  • Crisis handling related to crime.
  • Assisting enterprises to establish a full set of criminal compliance system, and verifying regularly.
  • Handling matters related to taxation, intellectual property rights, contract performance, etc.
  • Providing daily consultations on criminal law to multinational corporations and large conglomerates.