Real Estate

Real estate is one of the traditional core businesses of Glinks. Along with the change of macro-economic trend, the need for legal services in the real estate industry in China is also changing. Our lawyers use their long-cumulated experience to help our clients adapt to this new economic environment. We are providing whole-process legal services to all market players of the real estate industry such as government agencies, developers, constructors, financial institutions, property managers, owners, tenants of commercial property and real estate investment funds. The projects we advised include industrial and logistics projects, commercial and office projects, residential projects, hotels, city complex, theme park, wellness and elder-care projects, transportation projects and city infrastructure. Our lawyers not only have experience in serving big companies and famous projects, and also have experience in handling daily-life disputes of property sale, lease and relocation.
Our services:
● Real Estate M&A: including but not limited to design of legal structure for M&A deals of residential, commercial or industrial projects; legal due diligence; governmental approval and registration; tax issues in real estate M&A deals;
●Lease and Property Management: represent owners of commercial projects to organize and handle lease of stores; represent retailers to conduct due diligence on and negotiate about lease projects;
●Real Estate Financing: traditional financing by real estate companies such as equity, debt, trust and private fund; real estate securitization; REITs; IPO, M&A and bond issuance of real estate companies;
●Real Estate Development: incorporation of real estate companies; cooperative development of real estate; pre-sale and sale of real estate; property delivery; relocation and urban renewal; PPP project; land transactions; bidding and government procurement, building, operating and transferring of city infrastructure such as water, electricity, waste disposal and highway projects;
●Dispute Resolution: property sale contract dispute; property lease contract dispute; land expropriation dispute; dispute for family allocation of relocation compensation; dispute for apartment mortgage loan contract; property management dispute; dispute related to residential property’s community; dispute of instruments related to real estate companies; bankruptcy and reorganization of real estate companies; arbitrations and litigations of all kinds of disputes related to real estate development, financing and M&A deals.