The globalization of business operations brings the convenience of global resource allocation, but also the complexity of global personnel management. A good labor law counsel team is a necessary premise to ensure that companies comply with local labor standards and effectively handle labor disputes. The labor law in China is characterized by significant differences in practice across the country. Glinks’ lawyers have experience in representing labor disputes throughout China. They are familiar with local policies, and are able to understand the usual working methods of the internal personnel and business departments of enterprises. This allows Glinks’ lawyers to communicate most efficiently with companies when handling employment disputes, helping them to overcome the obstacles encountered in large transactions and major employment disputes.


Labor cases may also involve anti-fraud investigations, seizing outright by public security agency, layoff conferences and etc., which are highly conflicting matters and require a high level of overall competence and communication skills.

Services Scope

  • Nationwide arbitration and litigation representation for all types of general labor dispute cases.
  • Drafting and improving employee handbooks and other internal rules and regulations.
  • Providing legal services for personnel transfer, relocation and labor and personnel due diligence involved in M&A transactions.
  • Providing full legal services for embezzlement, commercial bribery and other anti-fraud internal investigations.
  • Nationwide representation in difficult labor cases involving non-compete, executives, share options, intellectual property, etc.
  • Providing full legal services such as program formulation and negotiation for compliance of enterprise layoffs.
  • Providing daily consulting services for work injury, social security, female workers’rights protection, anti-discrimination, recruitment, etc.
  • Providing legal services for foreign invested enterprises concerning the personal affairs of foreign executives.