Our maritime team has been on the list of Chambers’ Leading Law Firms for years. We have lawyers who previously worked in leading international insurance companies in charge of maritime insurance, as well as a star engineer at Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute, having the technical knowledge required to handle complicated disputes which enable our maritime practice being top listed among peers.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients in maritime cases before local maritime courts nationwide, the Supreme Court, China Maritime Arbitration Commissions and London Maritime Arbitrators Association. Our clients include import and export trading companies, shipping companies, ship management companies, logistics companies, crew companies, port and terminal companies, shipbuilding and repair yards, financial leasing companies, insurance companies, mutual insurance associations, etc. Our maritime team also regularly assists our clients in all types of cases involving customs inspections.

Our Services:

● Maritime disputes: ship collision, grounding, reefing; general average; maritime fraud; maritime distress rescue, towage, wreck salvage; ship quality disputes; maritime pollution, decontamination; marine casualties; fishing, aquaculture, seabed and other facilities and biological losses; other maritime torts.

● Maritime trade disputes: carriage of goods by sea (cargo damage, volume shortage, release goods without bill, transfer or pledge of bills of lading); ship construction and repair; towage and pilotage contracts; fuel and material supply contracts; port and terminal operations, leasing and operation management; time charter and bareboat charter; ship priority; freight forwarding, ship agency, marine warehousing; crew labor disputes; port equipment, container storage and mortgage; ship financial leasing; marine insurance, insurance claims.

● Non-litigation services: maritime liability limitation fund; public summons for exhortation (e.g. losing bills of lading); legal services for ship and container financing transactions; legal services for investment and M&A in maritime enterprises.

● Customs Practice: our lawyers are particularly familiar with customs inspection process and often assist our clients in matters of customs detention and release of goods due to various reasons such as customs protection of intellectual property rights and examination of tariff declarations, etc. We also assist our clients in administrative investigation and penalty cases involving customs duties.