Hospitality & Retail

With the end of the pandemic of COVID-19, China’ s consumer and retail market is rapidly reviving. In the meantime, China is continuing to introduce more strengthened regulations on data privacy, network security, consumer protection and fair transaction. Glinks Hospitality and Retail team is experienced in serving internationally renowned retail brands such as Starbucks and Bicester as well as internationally renowned five-star hotels such as Hyatt and Rosewood.

Unlike other industries, disputes and litigations in the hospitality and retail industry may get more exposures. Due to public exposures, government investigations and cultural differences, a case with one single consumer or one single product may have substantial impact imposed on the entire business of a company. Glinks lawyers are particularly adept at helping clients in this industry to resolve such disputes.

Our services:

● Providing legal services for investment and M&A in the hospitality and retail industry.

● Providing legal services for clients setting up customer service centers.

● Franchise structuring, documents drafting and filing.

● Providing full spectrum legal services for retail store opening and store leasing.

● Advising on pre-paid cards, advertising, labeling, OEM/ODM, import and export control and etc.

● Negotiating hotel management projects, and handling management contract disputes.

● Drafting and reviewing membership terms and conditions and handling disputes over members’ rights and interests.

● Representing clients in contracts and infringement disputes related to protection of consumer rights.

● Representing clients in disputes over store leases, procurement disputes and other disputes arising from the daily operations of consumer and retail business.

● Compliance advice regarding data privacy, network security, and antitrust compliance for distribution agreements and distribution structures.

● Representing clients in response to administrative investigations by various governmental authorities, representing clients in hearings and administrative litigation.