Sport Law

Glinks is committed to providing quality legal services in the field of sports, focusing not only on sports organizations and sports clubs, but also on the protection of the rights and interests of sports athletes and sports practitioners, especially the protection of the sports rights and interests of teenagers. Glinks has been deeply engaged in the sports field and adheres to the belief that it knows both law and sports. Several lawyers have obtained professional qualifications in traditional martial arts, Via Ferrata, diving, skiing, cross-country, marathon and badminton, and have provided professional legal services to numerous sports companies and event organizations.

In the area of sports disputes handling, Glinks has used its own strengths and actively participated in the study of sports arbitration and litigation. By handling of a large number of cases and projects, Glinks has accumulated rich practical experience, especially in sports + intellectual property rights, and has formed a more mature processing ideas and solutions for rights protection.

Services Scope

  • Application and response to international and domestic hearings and arbitration in sports disputes.
  • Transfer of athletes, processing of athletes’ work contracts, athletes’ agency.
  • Drafting and compliance review of sports associations’ articles and of sports companies’ contracts.
  • Business development, resource matching and transaction architecture design in sports field.
  • Providing daily legal service and emergency treatment service in anti-doping field.
  • Providing full process legal services such as project operation and sponsorship for sports events.
  • Providing physical education training and chain operation legal services, capitalization operation.
  • Anti-infringement combating services for all kinds of intellectual property rights in sports and related industries.